Component Based System Design

This is a collection of slides and small programs / scripts (with corresponding instructions) used in the CBSD course, for the lessons about scheduling real-time components (10 hours in total).

The teaching material is stored here because didactive sucks has some "interesting issues".

List of slides:

Other Material

To begin, here are some simple analysis tools, also containing some simple exercizes (look at the README.txt file). As an example, a possible minimalistic solution to the 4th exercize can be downloaded from here (notice that this program uses a brute force approach iterating the server period and maximum budget over a lot of possible values, and checking if the taskset is schedulable; the ranges of values over which the two parameters iterate are just examples...). A similar result can be obtained using a shell script.

To run some simple experiments with KVM and periodic tasksets, you can use these scripts and binaries. The initramfs image contains the PeriodicTask program used for tests.

The initramfs used for the tests can be built using some scripts and the PeriodicTask sources.

Some Possible Projects for the Exam

Notice that some of the projects are easier and some are more difficult; if you are interested, contact me for more information.