Linux Kernel Programming

This is the home page for the "Linux Kernel Programming" course. Here, you will find (in a badly-organised form) all the material, slides, and information needed to attend the course

For the previous editions of the "Kernel Programming" course, check the old websites: 2018, 2019, and 2020.



More Information:

This is some documentation about the programming interface provided by the Linux kernel.

And here are few notes about kernel memory allocation flags. Some more details about the allocator can be found here (for the curious).


Project Ideas:

Here are some ideas for possible projects for the exam. Of course, if you already have some idea for a project, we can discuss about it (the following ideas are just suggestions). Keep in mind that some projects are more complex than others and remember to contact me before starting to work on a project, so that I can send you some clarifications and details.