Hi, I'm Matteo Zini, since October 2020 PhD student in Emerging Digital Technologies, Embedded Systems curriculum, at ReTiS, a laboratory of the TeCIP institute, at Sant'Anna School of Advdanced studies, in Pisa.

In 2020 I obtained the Master's Degree in Embedded Computing Systems, jointly offered by the University of Pisa and Sant'Anna school, with a thesis entitled "Hardware-assisted memory isolation in hypervisors for multicore real-time systems".
The thesis, (soon) available at this link, deals about memory isolation in multicore real-time systems with complex temporal constraints. In the first part, after analysing the most relevant issues, an hypervisor module to support the MPAM ARM extension has been implemented, in order to verify how this technology can address them. In the second part, the functionalities of the QoS regulators the Xilinx Ultrascale+ platform is provided with have been evaluated, to test their efficacy in the limitation of the memory bandwidth utilized by the I/O devices.

In 2018 I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering at University of Pisa, with a thesis about the detection of the duration of the gait phases through sensors provided shoes.

Research topics

Currently, my research is focused on the partitioning and virtualization of resources on real-time multicore systems.