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18 March 2024

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R. Andreoli, T. Cucinotta, D. Pedreschi. "RT-MongoDB: a NoSQL database with differentiated performance," in Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2021), April 28-30, 2021, Prague, Czech Republic. Best Student Paper Award


The advent of Cloud Computing and Big Data brought several changes and innovations in the landscape of database management systems. Nowadays, a cloud-friendly storage system is required to reliably support data that is in continuous motion and of previously unthinkable magnitude, while guaranteeing high availability and optimal performance to thousands of clients. In particular, NoSQL database services are taking momentum as a key technology thanks to their relaxed requirements with respect to their relational counterparts, that are not designed to scale massively on distributed systems. Most research papers on performance of cloud storage systems propose solutions that aim to achieve the highest possible throughput, while neglecting the problem of controlling the response latency for specific users or queries. The latter research topic is particularly important for distributed real-time applications, where task completion is bounded by precise timing constraints. In this paper, the popular MongoDB NoSQL database software is modified introducing a per-client/request prioritization mechanism within the request processing engine, allowing for a better control of the temporal interference among competing requests with different priorities. Extensive experimentation with synthetic stress workloads demonstrates that the proposed solution is able to assure differentiated per-client/request performance in a shared MongoDB instance. Namely, requests with higher priorities achieve reduced and significantly more stable response times, with respect to lower priorities ones. This constitutes a basic but fun- damental brick in providing assured performance to distributed real-time applications making use of NoSQL database services.

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Main page Research activities Publications Talks MSc thesis projects Courses Mentoring Hobby and spare time Write me Last updated on
18 March 2024