The ReTiS laboratory participates in two Ph.D. degrees.

Emerging Digital Technologies – The Ph.D. Programme in Emerging Digital Technologies is a three-year programme that provides an exhaustive training path with structured teaching and supervised research activities. The objective of the programme is to train a professional figure able to successfully integrate into both national and international public and private research facilities and in companies manufacturing products or service providers operating in the field of communication, information, and perception technologies. The Ph.D. Programme has an interdisciplinary approach in the fields of Telecommunications, Information Engineering, and Perceptual Robotics, which represent the main areas of interest of the Research Units at TeCIP Institute.

Data Science – The Ph.D. in Data Science aims to educate the new generation of researchers that combine their disciplinary competencies with those of a “data scientist”, able to exploit data and models for advancing knowledge in their own disciplines or across diverse disciplines. In collaboration with Università di Pisa, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, IMT Lucca, CNR. 

Cybersecurity – The national Ph.D. program in cybersecurity aims at training experts who can face technical, legal, and organizational security challenges. Protecting hybrid and complex environments from cyber attacks has become increasingly difficult. Cloud computing, remote working, and mobility are putting a strain on the defense capabilities of companies and public administrations worldwide. Coping with increasingly sophisticated attacks, best practices are necessary, but, above all, we need people with excellent technical, legal, and organizational knowledge to reduce the skill gap in cybersecurity and protect citizens’ rights in cyberspace. In collaboration with IMT Lucca and the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN).