These are some of the most significant funded national and international projects in which the ReTiS Lab has been involved as a partner or the coordinator. 

NameDescriptionFundsYear of release
OPERANDa recOnfigurable Platform & framEwork foR Ai infereNce on the eDgePRIN2023
RETICULATEREal-TIme and seCUre acceLeration framework for Artificial inTElligencePRIN2023
NANCYAn Artificial Intelligent Aided Unified Network for Secure Beyond 5G Long Term EvolutionHorizon Europe2023
SOS AIScience and Engineering of Security of Artificial IntelligenceNextGenerationEU2023
SANDSTORMDevelopment of hardware and software architettures that are more secure and resilient to cyber attacksNextGenerationEU2023
SCARSecurity of Autonomus Driving VehiclesNextGenerationEU2023
BRIEF - AutVehBiorobotics Research and Innovation Engineering Facilities.PNRR2022
VIRMAAn Intelligent Aerial Vehicle for Monitoring Agriculture EnvironmentsPNR2022
AMPEREA Model-driven development framework for highly Parallel and EneRgy-Efficient computation supporting multi-criteria optimizationH20202020
SPHERESoftware architecture for Predictable HEterogeneous REal-time systemsPRIN2019
DipE Robotics & AIDepartment of Excellence in Robotics & AIMIUR2018
RETINAReal-Time Support for Heterogeneous Networks in Automotive ApplicationsEurostars-EUREKA2016
SAFURESafety And Security By Design For Interconnected Mixed-Critical Cyber-Physical SystemsH20202015
JUNIPERJava Platform for High-performance and Real-Time Large Scale DataFP72015
IPERMOBInfrastruttura Pervasiva Eterogenea Real-time per il controllo della MobilitàPOR CReO FESR2013
S(o)OSService-oriented Operating SystemsFP72013
IRMOSInteractive Realtime Multimedia Applications on Service Oriented InfrastructureFP72011
PREDATORDesign for predictability and efficiencyFP72011
ARTIST2Embedded Systems DesignFP72010
FRESCORFramework for Real-time Embedded Systems based on COntRactsFP72009
ACTORSAdaptivity and Control of Resources in Embedded SystemsFP72008
MPS 2008Real-Time Monitoring Systems for Heart Failure2008
RI-MACSRadically Innovative Mechatronics and Advanced Control SystemsFP62005
TENDERDevelopment of workflow management support software and an ontology classification methodology to be used in the development of supply chain management systemsMIUR2006
ArtDecoAdaptive infrastructures for decentralised organisationsFIRB2006
AQuoSAAdaptive Quality of Service Architecture2005
ArtistDesignEurepean Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems DesignFP72005
OCERAOpen Components for Embedded Real-time ApplicationsFP52005
RECSYSReal-time Embedded Control of Mobile Systems with Distributed SensingFP52005
SensorNetDevelopment of middleware and operating system-level support for a wireless sensor network infrastructure for environmental monitoring2005
Sistemi Operativi e Middleware per applicazion di Reti di Sensori WirelessDevelopment of middleware and operating system-level support for a wireless sensor network infrastructure for health carePRIN2005
Real-Time Monitoring Systems for Fire PreventionReal-Time Monitoring Systems for Fire PreventionCOFIN2004
FABRICFederated Applications Based on Real-time interacting ComponentsFP52004
FIRSTFlexible Integrated Real-Time Systems TechnologyFP52004
RECSYSReal-Embedded Control of Mobile Systems with Distributed SensingFP52002