Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence: successful student team of the Sant’Anna TeCIP Institute Retis Lab awarded second place in the “2020 Huawei Italy University Challenge

Highly talented Sant’Anna School students of the Institute for Communication, Information and Perception Technologies (TeCIP) Retis Lab have achieved significant success in the international competition “2020 Huawei Italy University Challenge“. The second-place winning team HyperPendulum, composed of Giorgiomaria Cicero, Federico Nesti, and Gabriele Serra, has developed a project with automotive embedded hardware and software showing a demo on the enhancement of safety, security, and predictability levels of AI-based safety-critical systems (such as the smart, connected and autonomous vehicles) for the “Experienced Track” challenge.

The “2020 Huawei Italy University Challenge” has been jointly organized with the University of Pisa and Sant’Anna School, and it is dedicated to master degree and Ph.D. university students interested in real-time intelligent automotive applications with advanced safety features increasing overall traffic mobility, reducing congestion and greenhouse gases emissions.

This is the presentation of the demo from the HyperPendulum team.