The 2020 edition of the CLOSER conference assigned the Best Paper Award to the joint article of Gabriele Ara, Tommaso Cucinotta, and Luca Abeni from the ReTis Lab and Carlo Vitucci from Ericsson titled “Comparative Evaluation of Kernel Bypass Mechanisms for High-performance Inter-container Communications“.

The paper presents a framework for evaluating the performance of various virtual switching solutions, each widely adopted on Linux to provide virtual network connectivity to containers in high-performance scenarios, like in Network Function Virtualization (NFV). We present results from the use of this framework for the quantitative comparison of the performance of software-based and hardware-accelerated virtual switches on a real platform with respect to a number of key metrics, namely network throughput, latency, and scalability.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the conference was held online, and the full presentation is available on the ReTiS YouTube channel.