The Second Edition of the Real-Time and Intelligent Edge Computing workshop (RAGE 2023) took place in conjunction with the 2023 Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT Week (CPS-IoT-Week 2023), one of the top-notch events for cyber-physical systems and IoT, in San Antonio, Texas, USA, on May 9th, 2023, with 40+ registered attendees. 

The group of organizers included Daniel Casini, Assistant Professor at the RETIS lab at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Francesco Restuccia, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of California San Diego, and former Ph.D. student at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Inès Alvarez Vadillo, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Mälardalen University, Matthias Becker, Assistant Professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Dakshina Dasari, Researcher at Bosch.

Daniel Casini, Matthias Becker, and Dakshina Dasari also form the steering committee and the creators of the event, which is a follow-up of the successful first edition, which took place last year in San Francisco, in conjunction with the Design and Automation Conference (DAC)

This year, the event moved to Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT Week, which has an even better focus on the workshop’s topics.

The second edition of the workshop confirmed the success of last’s year edition and allowed many productive discussions on the future and challenges of emerging topics in edge computing.

The workshop included several high-end invited speakers from both industry and academia, including Ryan Kastner from the University of California San Diego, Anthony Rowe from Carnegie Mellon University, Arne Hamann from Bosch, Christian Eltzschig from Apex.AI, Matt Spencer from ARM, and Renato Mancuso from Boston University.

The workshop also included 11 presentations of accepted papers from an open call.

More details can be found on the workshop’s website: